The Skinny on America’s Designer Water

Our great grandparents never dreamed of buying their water in a bottle. The idea was absurd. Ridiculous So what happened? About 20 years ago, someone got the idea to designer pack water and sell this liquid to the public. It seemed odd at first, but now buying pre-packaged water is part of the American staple. We buy it in different sizes, shapes and flavors. Yet, the question needs to be asked is this trendy way of quenching our thirst just a bunch of hype? To best answer this question, it’s important to examine the motivation driving most Americans to buy their water. We’ll cover the top three. Here they are…
1) Bottled water is more convenient. If you’re out on a hike or running errands, it’s easy just to buy a bottle of water to go. By doing so, you’ll stay saturated and avoid the urge to buy soda or juice. Right? Wrong
Buying bottled water has not impacted the American thirst for salt filled sodas or juices. And the consumption of it has increased our usage of plastic. It is just as easy to buy an eco-friendly container that you can keep filled with tap water and placed in the refrigerator. So when you go out the door, you can take it with you.
2) Bottled water tastes better than tap water. Some people swear by the taste of a particular brand of water. Also, they enjoy the benefits of having a vitamin or nutrient fortified product. This pushes their drive to buy water.
One’s taste buds cannot be argued with, especially in certain areas of the country. Water can taste different from region to region. However, some of this discrepancy can be reduced by the purchase of a good water filter. The filter would actually pay for itself over time because of the money you won’t be sending on pre-packaged water. Also, the fortification in most waters is not the same as eating a piece of fruit and takes away from the fact that fluoride is in tap water. Remember, fluoride is that all important ingredient that helps prevent tooth decay.
3) Bottled water is safe to drink than tap water. This reason is the main impetus for the bottled water craze. We all want to believe that there is some secluded part of America were water is germ free and untouched by the pollution of mankind. So when we read a label stating that some particular water came straight from a mountain stream, we believe it’s better than that questionable stuff coming out of our tap. Unfortunately, we are wrong.
Bottled water is less regulated than tap water. As a result, it can be just as contaminated as anything that comes out of a tap. A four-year study completed by the Natural Resources Defense Council revealed that bacteria and other chemicals are found in bottled water despite labels that say otherwise. Because of the lack of regulation, no standard is really set yet for the production of pre-packed water. So buyers, beware of what you are actually drinking from that beautifully designed bottle of water.
So what do you think? Is bottled water better than tap water? The answer is clearly ‘no.’ Buying bottled water is truly a preference, so if you want to trim down your budget, go for tapped water. It can be just as convenient, healthy and safe as it’s counterpart.